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Alfanet Refurbish Factory Europe

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We refurbish all Laptops from all brands, models and types.


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We refurbish all types of desktop computers of any brand and make


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We can refurbish all your professional server equipment


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Refurbishing services for various IT hardware types


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Alfanet S.A. Refurbish Factory Europe


Welcome to the official website of Alfanet S.A., one of the largest computer hardware and IT refurbishers in Europe and a committed Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher Partner.

Our company specializes in the complete advance refurbish procedures for PC, Workstations, Laptop, Printers, Servers and more! For us refurbishment is not only the process that fully restores the functionality of a computer hardware but we also give an strong emphasis in the aesthetic part, making sure that all our products are brought back to a like-new condition.

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Microsoft Refurbisher


Microsoft authorized refurbisher (MAR)
Alfanet S.A. is a preferred Microsoft Partner, through the Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) licensing program which caters for the large refurbishers that average a minimum volume of 5,000 refurbished Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) PCs per month. The MAR program enables Alfanet S.A. to supply refurbished computers and servers preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software to all businesses, consumers, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.


Refurbished hardware

dell optiplex-980-desktopWhat is a refurbished computer?
In computer technology, the term “refurbished” generally refers to older or used computer equipment that has been restored to like-new working condition and/or appearance. In Alfanet S.A., when a computer is refurbished, all its hardware components are either replaced with similar components or updated with newer technology than the device originally came with. Moreover, as it concerns the aesthetic side, all units are thoroughly cleaned and all the cracks or small cover and plastic damages are carefully fixed and painted to the original colors. 


Advanced services and support

servicesHigh quality services for our customers.
Alfanet S.A offers factory refurbished computer hardware with the Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) status. This means that all our products have to go through the same, with the original manufacturer, rigorous quality tests before they are sold. In order to achieve that our company is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, necessary for a high quality refurbishment service, which not many companies and certainly not a local computer store can afford. Moreover all our technical staff are certified by companies such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba, IBM, ASER and others and have an intimate knowledge of every machine's engineering.


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Advanced equipment

Play-iconWe use the most advanced equipment for our repair and refurbishing services.

Why refurbished products?

thinkgreenbWhy spend a lot of money on new equipment for your business when you can refurbish your existing hardware or buy Microsoft Authorized Refurbished products such as laptops, desktop PCs and Servers from Alfanet S.A.?

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sample1Through our "Alfanet Refurbish sample program", you can send to us a used, damaged Laptop and we'll refurbish it for you.

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