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Laptop refurbish

Want your laptops to look like new again?

Alfanet laptop refurbish serviceAlfanet is refurbishing all laptops, notebooks and netbooks from any brand, make or model! We will replace all plastic shell casing parts (bottom base, palmrest, touchpad, LCD bezel, LCD back plastic, keyboard, power button cover) on your laptops and make them look like new, starting from only 5€ per unit!

Laptop refurbishing and repair has been our core business for the last 10 years.
Our refurbishment process follows the highest industry standards in order to ensure that the end result will be as brand new. Find below the standard procedures that are involved in the whole refurbishing process:

 Step 1 - Receipt of Goods & 1st DiagnosticStep 1 - Receipt of Goods & 1st Diagnostic
The first step of our refurbishing process consists of three substeps, namely: a) the collection b) the functionality control.. read more
 Step 2 - Component ReplacementStep 2 - Component Replacement
The second step involves replacing the non functional components.. read more
 Step 3 - Operating system installationStep 3 - Operating System Installation
During this step all laptops are preinstalled with new, licensed and genuine Microsoft Windows XP operating system.. read more
 Step 4 - Labelling ProcessStep 4 - Labelling Process
Through our custom application system, a new barcode label is being re-printed which records in full detail the laptop’s configuration.. read more
 Step 5 - Cleaning ProcessStep 5 - Cleaning Process
The fifth step involves not just a simple wiping, but a very thorough cleaning process of the case, the LCD screen, the laptop keyboard.. read more
 Step 6 - Repainting processStep 6Repainting process
Repainting a used piece of hardware is one of our rufurbishing procedures that gives us the edge compared to other refurbishers in the market.. read more
 Step 7 - Quality controlStep 7 - Quality control
When the laptop passes our 360 degree quality control system then it’s time to run a full multipoint quality test..
read more
 Step 8 - Secure packing and shippingStep 8 - Secure packing & shipping
The final step involves re-cleaning the laptop to like new standards and affixing the Certificate of Authenticity ( COA) label, as part our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher ( MAR) status..
read more

How it's done

  • The laptop, notebook or netbook is tested for any defects.
  • The faulty parts are replaced. Please note that if we have to replace a faulty part the cost of the part has to be met by the customer. (N.B. We won't replace a faulty part without notifying you first.)
  • We remove all the software products installed. (Note: You can specify what software you want left remaining on your machine.)
  • We run virus check and removal and then defragment the hard disk.
  • We test the CMOS Battery and the laptop battery. If it’s faulty we replace the battery with your permission. The cost of a new battery has to be met by the customer.
  • Data Removal and data shredding. (Please note that you don't have to have your data removed)
  • Privacy Agreement. Alfanet agrees not to open any of your files or look at any of your data.
  • Free space shredding. (Note: when files are deleted basically the file name only is removed from the FAT table (File Access Table). The data remains on the hard disk until overwritten. Free space shredding will completely remove this data.)
  • Installation of genuine licensed Microsoft software through our Microsoft® Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) status
  • The laptop is professionally cleaned, the scratches are removed and then is fully painted to the original colors
  • We run a full system diagnostic test

The whole refurbishing process will last from 1 day up to 1 week, depending on the circumstances.

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Advanced equipment

Play-iconWe use the most advanced equipment for our repair and refurbishing services.

Why refurbished products?

thinkgreenbWhy spend a lot of money on new equipment for your business when you can refurbish your existing hardware or buy Microsoft Authorized Refurbished products such as laptops, desktop PCs and Servers from Alfanet S.A.?

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sample1Through our "Alfanet Refurbish sample program", you can send to us a used, damaged Laptop and we'll refurbish it for you.

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