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Step 8 - Secure packing & shipping

Stratocell materialStep 8 - Secure packing & shipping
The final step involves re-cleaning the laptop to like new standards and affixing the Certificate of Authenticity ( COA) label, as part our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher ( MAR) status.

All customers buying a fully refurbished Alfanet laptop will see two COA labels on the PC. One is for the original operating system installation and the second is for the pre-installed operating system from Alfanet S.A.

A boxed, refurbished laptop in the Alfanet secure packingAlso all our refurbished laptops, regardless of their original condition, their make or model, come with new documentation designated for each one separately.  This information is found in each box, along with the power cord and other core accessories.

Finally, before a fully refurbished laptop is shipped out, it is packed according to the following procedure:

  • The laptop is carefully wrapped in stratocell foam. Stratocell foam not only achieves superior strength to weight ratio but also reduces the outer box size by using less material and therefore reduces your transport and storage costs
  • The laptop is placed in a brand new box with protective packaging
  • The box is securely sealed with security tape that guards against damage
  • A label with all laptop’s configuration specifications and performance standards is attached outside the box




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